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  • which clutch?

    I dont drag race anymore so I want to get this spec stage 3+ clutch out of my car haha. It is way to hard to drive with this clutch in the mountains. It chatters, and is very hard to rev match smoothly and get out of gear smoothly. Ive switched almost everything over in my suspension for a canyon car vs drag racing and this is one of the last steps. It does hold power well and has lasted 5 years, its been a great clutch for its intended purpose. What would y'all recommend to replace it? I will be doing the spec lightweight flywheel at the same time. The car is a 2002 v6 camaro but has a powerdyne supercharger making 290rwhp & 330 tq, so I need more than a stock clutch.

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    Re: which clutch?

    I would stick with the stage 3 since your running the powerdyne.
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