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  • Tune Up Check List

    I know a lot of us get trapped into thinking tune ups are for older cars or poor running engines, this is not the case. Doing tune ups from when your Camaro is brand new will help insure that your car remains in tip top condition. It will also help minimize costly repairs in the future.

    Tune Up Check List
    Task Frequency
    Check engine fluids (engine oil, transmission, coolant, brake / clutch fluid, washer fluid) Weekly / every 250 miles
    Clean, inspect and test the battery 7500 miles / every 6 months
    Check the cooling system 7500 miles / every 6 months
    Check the underhood hoses 7500 miles / every 6 months
    Check the air filter 30,000 miles / 24 months
    Check and adjust drive belts 30,000 miles / 24 months
    Check PCV Valve 30,000 miles / 24 months
    Replace Spark Plugs 60,000 miles
    Inspect Spark Plug Wires 60,000 miles
    Check the fuel system 15,000 miles / 12 months
    Check the charging system Yearly
    Replace the spark plug wires 60,000-100,000 miles
    • Checking your fluids regularly will insure that if there is a leak due to wear, damage or a fault in the system that it will be able to be caught hopefully before it results in major damage. Replace brake fluid every 5 years.
    • Cleaning your battery terminal can be done with an inexpensive battery terminal brush if there is corrosion. I recommend spraying fluid film on the terminal at each check.
    • Check the cooling system with the engine cold. Remove the radiator cap and check the levels both in the radiator / reservoir. Check coolant hoses over to make sure they are not leaking and in good shape
    • High underhood temperatures are known to cause rubber hoses to deteriorate. Inspect all rubber hoses / fittings for cracking and leaks. Also look to verify that all your hose clamps are still tight and have not backed off and become lose. Replace as necessary.
    • If you live / drive in a very dusty environment you may want to make check this sooner.
    • Serpentine belts are prone to wear. Check for cracking on both sides of the belt. Check to insure the ribs are all the same depth and no surface is uneven
    • Pull the PCV valve out and give it a shake. If you hear a rattle the valve is still good, if you do not hear a rattle replace it.
    • The maintenance schedule from Chevy recommends changing spark plugs at 97,500 miles. I think that is crazy. By 60k you will notice a gap difference from new plugs.
    • When checking the fuel system, check for leaks underneath the vehicle. Remove the gas cap and inspect the gasket for wear or signs that it is not sealing including corrosion.
    On top of doing your tune up, you still have routine maintenance like checking your tire pressure and oil changes to do.

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