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Driving camaro in the snow.

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  • Driving camaro in the snow.

    Hello i own a 2015 camaro v6 2ls.

    I unfortunately live in CT. Winters are a hit or miss here. And I unfortunately cannot buy a beater this year.
    I was thinking of buying goodyear eagle ultra grips 3, as I will only drive it if theres alittle snow on the ground..if its outa hand I will call an uber.

    Should I also put sandbags in the trunk? Anyone have experience driving a camaro in the snow? I used to drive a mitsubishi eclipse in the snow so..I think I should be fine.

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    Back when I was driving my Camaro in the snow I was using Hankook I-pike winter tires and to this day they have been hands down the best tires I have ever had in snow and ice.

    My camaro only got stuck twice and both times it was in a parking lot and black ice formed under my tires overnight, so the moment you put the car in gear the wheels had no traction.

    That would be my recommendation on tires to use. You can add some weight in the trunk too, but those tires should be more than enough as they were for me. And for the record, I live in Canada where we get crushed with snow.

    I just came back from up north where we got hit with 1.5' of snow and it was to the bottom of my lifted's Colorado's front bumper lol

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      Thank you brotha


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