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  • Dealerships drive me crazy

    So I had today off which means I had a list of things to get of which was to get a 2nd key and my ebay replacement key fobs programmed to my 2008 off I go to the dealership I have the guy cut the key at which time he tells me he needs to check it on the truck to make sure it works and can program

    Go out to the truck... new key doesn't work on the driver side door...barely works on the passenger side door, and by barely I mean you had to jiggle the crap out of it and then it finally turned the lock - great...get's better.

    Then he proceeds to do a key learn - gets the key to start the truck once, but it won't restart with the new cut key after that (original works perfectly fine) the guy goes he needs to talk to the service department...goes off comes back and goes, "ya so tech said that these trucks can only have 4 keys programmed to them in a lifetime, so there has to be 3 other keys that were already programmed to it which means it's refusing to learn and remember the key. We would have to flash the car which will take 1-2 hours and it's $130 an hour shop labour. Without doing that the car won't be able to learn the new key and they won't be able to program the remotes - which we would need to do in addition to that 2 hours labour"

    So I'm like ya that's not happening, "thanks, I'll look into and maybe come back if that's the case." - I am almost positive from the paperwork the other dealership I bought it off of gave me said this was a 1 truck owner, owned by a female in way Northern Ontario. No chance it was a work truck based on it's condition alone and I really truly and highly doubt there have even been 4 keys cut for this truck - but whatever...maybe there has who knows.

    So current situation is I have a key cut that doesn't work in the ignition, doesn't unlock my driverside door and will unlock my passenger side if you fight with it. It can randomly start my truck at best... so at this point I don't feel I should pay for it because it's almost a paperweight. So I go listen, cut the key in half and get rid of the fun starts. Guy goes, "no no we don't do that... if you want the key destroyed you have to pay for it... otherwise I just throw it into the garbage can here and what ever happens happens - I'm not responsible".

    So I end up getting into it with the guy - Let me make clear, I have no issue paying for the key if it at least worked in the doors (regardless if it works in the ignition or not because frankly I don't know if they are bs'ing me about the 4 key limit but I highly doubt the truck has 4 keys programmed to it). The guy tries to tell me I need new key cylinders on both my doors and that's why the key doesn't work!!! Yet my original key in my hand works flawless! New key cylinder my ***...

    The key was cut like crap, I can see the ridges are not matched well at all which is why I suspect it didn't work well in the doors, also makes me believe why it may of had an issue in the ignition.

    Long story short I refuse to leave until the key is destroyed or they sign a document saying should my truck get stolen or broken into they are fully responsible (which they won't do obviously). Called for the manager, the guy storms off with the key, bends it in half and hands it to me and goes "no one wants to steal that shit"... so that's fantastic customer service... my chevy truck is "shit" at the Chevy dealership.

    I love Chevy, but I tell you they hire a bunch of circus clowns in their parts departments... I mean maybe I am over-reacting in asking a key to be destroyed because I am sure the odds of something happening are 1/10,000 ...but I keep tools and stuff in my truck and why do I want someone with a key to my truck that does have the ability to get in when you fiddle with it enough and potentially start it, and who has seen my ownership and now potentially knows where I live have access to the key to my vehicle or be able to provide that to someone else who "picked it out of the garbage" from the "what ever happens happens" scenario.

    So now the hunt begins to figure out what I am going to do for another key and to program my key fobs...
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    Isn't the customer always right? Doesn't really seem that way anymore..Hope you get your key fixed.
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      Sorry to hear that Mike, never heard the 4 key limit thats new. Mines a 2008 and I had 2 keys made after I bought it. A house fire burned up one so went to the dealership with my registration and they cut me 2 off of the vin. Then i just reprogrammed them myself. Takes about 10 minutes if I remember correctly, they should of given you the paperwork on how to reprogram it. I would try another dealership. Ive had nothing but good luck going to the one i go to. But he should of at least cut the keys correctly.
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        Not cool. I'm in the same situation as you. I need to get a duplicate for mine since my parents lost my keys. I hope i have better luck.


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