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2001 Tom Henry RS Camaro F/S

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  • 2001 Tom Henry RS Camaro F/S

    2001 Camaro hardtop, seriously mod'ed.

    This Camaro is a former project car for Popular Hot Rodding Magazine, Camaro Performers Magazine and the Camaro Homepage web site. The engine was a project for Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine. The series of articles formerly on the Camaro Homepage can currently be viewed at


    The car has power windows, power locks, power mirrors, air conditioning and the Monsoon stereo.

    The engine is a 300-hp 3800 Series II modified to have more power than any stock 4th Gen Z28 other than the SS

    Engine modified with:
    >Comp cam and roller hydralic lifters, 206-deg/212-deg duration at .050-in lift, .540-in lift and 116-deg lobe sep.
    >DeGroff heads, ported, polished and cc'ed.
    >Manley larger-diameter valves, 1.90-in intakes, 1.55-in exhausts
    >Comp Cams pushrods
    >Katech valve springs and titanium retainers
    >YellaTerra 1.8:1 roller rocker arms.
    >Extrude-Honed intake manifold and intake planum
    >RC Engineering injectors
    >MSD coils, MSD plug wires, Denso IT-20 spark plugs
    >Whisper Lid air box kit with Green air filter
    >Shorty headers
    >3-inch cat convertor
    >Flowmaster cat-back exhaust system
    >custom tune with HPTuners software
    >245-hp@5750-rpm and 235-lbs/ft@4700-rpm at the wheels, SAE-corrected, which works out to about 300-hp and 280-lbs/ft torque, SAE-corrected, at the flywheel.


    Fluidyne Radiator

    McLeod Clutch and disc
    T-5 five-speed manual transmission with Hurst Shifter
    3.23:1 rear axle w. Torsen limited slip differential and Inland Empire Aluminum driveshaft

    Chassis fitted with Global West subframe connectors

    Suspension modified with:
    >1LE front lower control arm bushings
    >QA1 front coil-over double-adjustable shock conversion with Eibach springs
    >Global West rear coil springs with QA1 double-adjustable shock absorbers
    >Z28 front and rear stabilizer bars w. urethane bar mounts and links
    >Global West Rear Trailing Arms
    >Global West Adjustable Panhard Bar.
    >Global West TracLink System replaced stock torque arm.
    >265/45ZR17 Goodear F1 Supercar tires on 17x9-in Fikse Wheels.

    Brakes modified with:
    >Baer Eradispeed rotors, front two-piece, rear one-piece
    >Porterfield R4-S brake pads
    >braided stainless steel covered brake hoses

    RKSport fiberglass Z28 SS replica cold air hood
    136,000 miles on car and engine short block. 50,000 miles on engine top end since modification.


    New tires on front
    Ok tires on rear

    Deal includes these extras:
    >Two new tires
    >Spare ignition coils
    >Stock brake pads
    >Spare Baer set of brake rotors
    >Spare tail pipes for Flowmaster system
    >Spare Green filter
    >Spare set of coolant hoses
    >Spare drive belt
    >Spare engine gaskets and seals
    >Stock exhaust manifolds
    >Stock air filter assembly and silencer

    All service records and oil analysis records are included.
    Factory Service Manual Set is included.
    Owner's Manual and window sticker included

    Engine oil: Gibbs Driven LS30 5W30
    Trans lube: Gibbs Driven STF
    Axle lube: Red Line Heavy Shockproof


    Car located in Southern California



    Want more pics?
    PM me or email me at
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    Too bad, sorry to see this go. I followed it from the beginning. Good luck with the sale.
    08' L76 6.0L 4X4 Chevy EXT.Cab LTZ Vortec MAX with Snug top cover, Dynomax exhaust,Hptuners& K&N intake
    96' Camaro M5 to A4 conversion, alot of mods ,see Homepage. GT35R Turbo


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      Well...I know there are folks who are sorry to see the project end, but after working on the car since 2002, I've taken the car just about as far as it can go and still be fully streetable as well as reliable and durable. Indeed, there might be a few more things I could do, like puting a T56 six-speed in it. but that's a lot of work, requires a different axle ratio and the cost-to-benefits ratio, but then...the cool factor be high.

      Another issue weighting my decision is that it's not like, if I sell the Camaro, I don't have any hot rods to drive.

      I've had many great times in that car including my all time favorite kill story which is located at: I, also, want to work on something different. I've owned the car since new and have used it as a daily driver up until about 11-months ago. much fun at my Camaro has been, after 16 years, It's time to move on.

      I hope to find a good home for the car and all the extras I have for it.
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        Images posted, but the site only allows five. Email me if you want more.


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          Down another 500 and bump. Also, read the kill story at: #9


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            Another price reduction and bump.


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