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  • 4th Gen Camaro / Firebird Parts

    I have a few things left over from my build:
    • Comp Cams Pushrods 7.000 .080 thick - $65 shipped
    • Upper A arm Control Arms - Chromoly, bushing ends (5k on them but they have scratching/scuffing on them from being on the floor of the garage and being moved around) - $200 shipped (they are 299.90 from PA racing)
    • LT1 / LS1 MAF - $80 Shipped
    • Poly Motor Mounts for the 3.8L $30 shipped
    • Starter (5k on it) - $85 shipped
    • 3.8L camaro/firebird ICM - $50 shipped
    Comp Cams Pushrods 3.8L v6

    LS1 MAF

    3.8L v6 Camaro Poly Motor Mounts

    3.8L V6 Camaro ICM

    Camaro Upper Control Arms

    2002 SOM Z28 Camaro
    1996 3800 camaro- Gone - still the fastest N/A Canadian 3.8L F-body
    V6 best: 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

    My Current Build | Synthetic Oil | Videos

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