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  • Hello from Houston Tx

    Hello everyone. I'm Matt and me with my son are building a 1999 firebird v6 turbo drag car. It's a father and son project we are doing in our garage. The car I acquired is a 1999 firebird Y87 package, comes stock with a positive track rear dif and 3.42 gears. It had no engine so I bought one from a 2002 firebird. For now i kept the v6 to install a turbo and have some fun with it. Once this engine will give in i will LS swap it.

    some of the work i did to the donor engine is to tear it apart, clean it all out, refresh the heads, lap the valves and port and polish intake (upper and lower) and the heads valve chambers and passages. I will install also an Intense turbocharged cam, new timing chain oil pressure kit and custom turbo set up. Keep in mind we are doing this on a budget and to have fun. Mostly to teach my 8year old son couple of things.

    here some pics
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    Welcome to the site. Looks like a fun project.
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      Nice look! That will be a fun build... make sure you remember to take apart the mls 3 piece head gasket, clean them up and copper spray each side when assembling the heads for the best seal.

      I can’t wait to see this build in motion and we have a few other sweet turbo builds going on currently as well...

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