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    I'd like to proudly and excitedly announce RockAuto as coming on board as a sponsor here at - They have a fantastic selection of parts at great prices and have offered an additional 5% discount to our forum members.

    They have their own sub-forum on the site where they will post promotional codes we can use. You will also find their banner on the right hand side of our site under "Forum Sponsors" or at the bottom of our site if you are using a mobile device.

    Make sure you check their sub-forum out to use your promotional discount codes in the future: RockAuto sponsorship sub-forum

    2002 SOM Z28 Camaro
    1996 3800 camaro- Gone - still the fastest N/A Canadian 3.8L F-body
    V6 best: 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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      This is great news, Iove Rockauto. Their great for ACdelco parts.
      08' L76 6.0L 4X4 Chevy EXT.Cab LTZ Vortec MAX with Snug top cover, Dynomax exhaust,Hptuners& K&N intake
      96' Camaro M5 to A4 conversion, alot of mods ,see Homepage. GT35R Turbo


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