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    97 Firebird. Replaced master cylinder, bench bleeding it first. But brakes don't feel right. Is it possible to bleed these systems with ABS? Thanks.

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    It is a pain in the *** without the GM tool they have to open the valves in the abs module. Did you remember to bleed the nipple that is by the abs module? If I remember correctly there is a bleeder port up there...otherwise get ready for taking it for a drive and slamming on the brakes to engage ABS, taking it back to jack it up, bleed all the ports again...taking it back out, slamming on the brakes engaging ABS, taking it back jacking it up and bleeding again...basically repeat this until the brakes are proper.

    GM likes to charge $200-$300 just to put their tool on it and many non GM specific shops don't own the tool

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