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    Hi!, I'm new to this site, I own a 2012 LT and I upgrade the factory radio to a Pioneer AVHG225BT. with a Metra kit. It works fine but I notice that the "initial configuration" setup, I mean where you decide language and other configuration of the car such as if you want to have sound or lights on when you unlock the car, etc, are lost. Is there a way to regain them or they are lost forever?

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    Did you follow all the instructions here?

    I think there is more than one module that has to be included with the kit to make all the convenience features work...

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      Thanks for the advice, but I'm using the Metra kit , and it doesn't has (apparently) the configuration features,
      I don't have in the double din radio a configuration button or function to do it, and I don't know if there is another path to activate this


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