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Post-Install question, need thoughts and advice.

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  • Post-Install question, need thoughts and advice.

    Hey All-
    I just thought of something and am looking to get some feedback:

    -Many years ago, I installed a JET Stage2 'Chip' on my 2001 3.8.

    -Last year in 2015, I did a mail-in tune where I sent my PCM to PCM of NC (PCM of NC, Inc. ? GM Performance & Tuning). It was so worth it, as the car has run phenomenal, quicker, shifts better, rpms sit lower at idle and the fan comes on more to control the engine temps. When I filled out my order sheet, I put down that my car already had this JET Stage2 'Chip'

    -So, at the moment I have both that JET Stage2 'Chip', AND this PCM of NC mail-in tune on the stock PCM....I keep hearing problematic things/not worthy things about the JET 'Chips' for our cars. I'm thinking about removing it and going with just the PCM of NC tune.

    Thoughts? Will it make any difference?



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    Re: Post-Install question, need thoughts and advice.

    If their tunning.your car.there's no need for the Jet chip.
    08' L76 6.0L 4X4 Chevy EXT.Cab LTZ Vortec MAX with Snug top cover, Dynomax exhaust,Hptuners& K&N intake
    96' Camaro M5 to A4 conversion, alot of mods ,see Homepage. GT35R Turbo


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      Re: Post-Install question, need thoughts and advice.

      HOw much did the first unit cost? Can you still run regular? How difficult to install?