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Dyno Prep/Advice ?

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  • Dyno Prep/Advice ?

    Alright guys Im going to the dyno tomorrow, Tuesday Feb 19, 2002, around lunchtime. $50 for 3 runs, and here's what I plan on doing with the 3 runs.

    Run 1 - Normal
    Run 2 - Normal
    Run 3 - Remove MAF screen

    Hopefully I'll see a significant change in hp/tq numbers by removing the screen on the last run - I'm guessing it will be lower because of what I saw at the track.

    My questions are as follows:
    • Are there any preperations I need to make to the car before going?
    • Is there anything I need to know about while being ON the dyno itself?
    • Is it worth going?
    • I heard about bad spark responses throwing off torque curves for the dyno, is this common? Can I do anything to prevent this? I run stock wires.
    • Does anyone have any idea what kind of numbers I should expect to pull with a 9.7second 1/8 mile time?

    Thanks guys - I would like responses to be quick if possible, I'll be leaving tomorrow - wish me luck...
    2002 5-spd NBM Camaro
    Details: www.1lev6.com

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    I would say anywhere from 155-175 max. I couldn't get a torque reading on mine either when it was dynoed. Good luck! Make sure to post your numbers!


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      my guess is 174 RWHP and 201 RWTQ..those are random but fair IMO..good luck..you will finally get to see what the car sounds like under load from behind the car...thats why i really want to dyno..so i can hear my car :D

      best of luck..

      Jeff W


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        Anything else guys b4 I goto sleep? Thanks for the help!
        2002 5-spd NBM Camaro
        Details: www.1lev6.com


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