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I can't believe I'm posting another exhaust question...

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  • I can't believe I'm posting another exhaust question...

    Just when I thought I was all done w/ my exhaust questions, my brother goes out and buys a 97 V6 Camaro conv! :D He wants a Flowmaster, but he wants to know if he should just buy a Flow 80 muffler, and a full American Thunder catback? And which will sound better/give more power? He'll probebly get an intake sooner or later as well.

    And yes, I did do a search [img]graemlins/toto.gif[/img]

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    Tell him to get the American Thunder catback (if indeed he is going to go with a Flowmaster), and to buy the SLP intake (since he has a '97). And yes, that intake will make a difference in the sound.
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