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  • Lightly Modified Daily Driver

    3.4 L. 94 Camaro.
    Looking to get a bit more horsepower but keep it a daily driver. (20+??)
    The engine and transmission are out of the car now to get head work done and whatever else I find wrong with it.
    I'm planning on getting headers and cold air intake, PP the heads/intake.
    Not sure about what or if I need to get a different Cam.
    The injectors look bad. Was wondering if I should get bigger injectors. Been reading that if I do, I should get an adjustable FPR.
    Recommendations/links for an adjustable FPR?
    Any recommendations for a cam or should I keep it stock?
    If this has already been addressed let me know.

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    Re: Lightly Modified Daily Driver :tup:
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    Chaddrich Freed

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      Re: Lightly Modified Daily Driver

      Thanks for your reply. Not going to be doing the top end swap yet but I did find some information to think about. Especially in PP the heads. I will check the price on that at the local shop here.
      I read (somewhere in the vast interweb) that the 16 lb injectors limit the motor to 160 HP. That has me scratching my head. If that's the case, the injectors would need to be replaced even with just putting on a cold air intake.


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