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  • Common Fbody Problems

    I don't know about everybody else, but this car is starting to tick me off. I have a 99 Camaro with 54K miles and since the warranty ended 2 years ago, it's been falling apart. The intake gasket sprung a coolant leak, the TCC solenoid in the tranny went bad, the AC compressor is on the way out, right side window motor barely works, AND the y-pipe is starting to rattle. All in all it's going to cost a bundle to keep this thing in good shape. Are all of you having the same amount of trouble? Is this common on these cars? They are nice cars, but they sure aren't reliable, at least mine's not.
    1999 Y87 Camaro<br />Whisper Lid, SLP SS Takeoff Exhaust

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    My car has been good to me for being a 94
    Fuel pump
    Window motor
    IGnition Module
    Headlight gear
    New:04 GMC Sierra 1500 RCLB 4x4 5.3 GU80 3.73\'s.<br />Truck pics<br />Mods<br />Go fast: Panel K&N filter and soon SS truck catback.<br />Appearance: Stull Billet grill,Weston Chrome step tubes,Rhino Chrome hitch step,ARE painted fiberglass cover,Silver star lighting.


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      our cars are like a beautiful but high mateness woman. if you want to keep the good parts of a great woman, you have to take care of the bad
      2000 3.8 A4 Pewter Camaro


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        My Car has been great to me for at 75,000 miles.

        Ive had to fix.
        EGR-(broke because I didn't get cat fixed soon enough)

        I would say if you treat her well, and are not to hard on her, she will last a long time. Matenience is the key to her lasting.


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          I am meticulous with my maintenance and do everything by the required interval or sooner. I am not hard on my car and I don't floor it more than once or twice a week. Still, everything breaks. I don't see how abuse would cause the AC compressor to go, engine gaskets to leak coolant, and window motors to burn out. The car will last forever, if I spend 1 grand or more a year to fix everything.
          1999 Y87 Camaro<br />Whisper Lid, SLP SS Takeoff Exhaust


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            sounds about right to me.

            i have to fix on my car-

            1. replace tires
            2. probably alternator
            3. probably AC compressor
            4. 2 or 3 exhaust leaks
            5. power steering leak
            6. rear light bulb
            7. rear pinion seal
            8. possibly rear main seal
            9. exhaust hanges down too ****ing low
            10. shocks and springs

            i cant remember anything else

            i take care of my car but there is just problems sometimes. fix them and move on or sell her. that simple
            2000 3.8 A4 Pewter Camaro


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              on my 98 firebird.. I have had to replace NOTHING but the spark plugs/wires and battery..I do not race it nor step on it "other then the occasional times" but have mods done to it.. The car will treat you like you treated it..No matter what breaks!One thing can always lead to another..


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                On my 94 camaro both power window motors, alt, battery, head gasket.


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                  "F-Bodies = Problems?"

                  No; GM = Problems!

                  If you want a good engine/tranny, go GM. For pretty much everything else, look elsewhere!


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                    I probably have everyone beat. Bought the car in 2001 with 73,XXX. It's a 1997 Camaro. I take good care of it and all that...but I'm guessing(ok I KNOW) the previous owner didn't take care of it! So here goes:Driver side sun visor fell off. Rear main seal failed (leaked) driver side power window motor and switch failed, alternator replaced, power steering pump TWICE! and rack and pinion replaced, muffler replaced, plugs, fuel filter, tires, cracked head and blown head gasket, now I'm having misfires in cylinder 1 SES light is on. Serpentine belt was cracked..replaced..hmm I'm prolly forgetting something. All this and I've only putabout 12,000 miles on the car since early 2001!!!!!!!!!!


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                      These cars are great, except for the ac compressor, headlight motors, window motor, seems the right side more than the left, exhaust system rattle and coil pacts. This is why I got away from gm products. I owned them for 27 years. My wife just "had to have" this car, so, here I am, back to fixin these frustrating autos. Yea, the car looks good, especially being a convertibe, Oh yea, the tops wear out way too fast also [img]smile.gif[/img]
                      95 convertible 3.8 series II


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                        I have a 99 Camaro with 54K on it too. I have had the following replaced:

                        rear main seal
                        oil pan gasket
                        Catalytic Convertor

                        Everything else is just fine, and I drive the $hit out of my car. The alternator is a wear item and can be expected to be replaced at some point.
                        SLP CAI, K&N, Whisper Lid, 180* thermo, manual fan switch, 3.42 gears, Auburn Pro LSD, Wester\'s PCM Tuning, TSP Rumbler, High Flow Cat. Best Time: 9.909@71.58 (1/8 mile)


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                          not really any different than any other american vehicle of the same vintage.


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                            rear main seal
                            driver side window motor
                            many bulbs

                            i havent had many problems out of my 97 and i dont drive it hard all the time.
                            97 black Camaro A4<br />mods: flowmaster 80 series muffler, SLP cai


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                              2000 Firebird, 42500 miles

                              front and rear rotors and serpentine belt (dealer replaced those)

                              I haven't replaced anything yet but I'm getting ready to replace 2 window motor assemblies, friggin GM I bet they are held in by rivets too. [img]graemlins/rant.gif[/img]

                              Oh yea and 4 new tires...soon
                              <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">2000 Pontiac Firebird</a>


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