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How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

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  • How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

    This forum is about as much of a beaten dead horse as any. Its doubtful you have come up with a new issue or new idea. And do not forget to look at the archives too.


    What Are The Parts Of My Exhaust?
    Under Car view- Obviously aftermarket
    More Simple View
    Stock Exhaust Pics

    What Size Are The Parts Of My Exhaust?
    Y-pipe- 3.8L = 3" / 3.4L = 2.5"
    Catalytic Converter - 3.8L= 3" in / 2.25" out / 3.4L = 2.5" in / 2.25" out
    S-pipe - entirely 2.25"
    I-pipe - entirely 2.25"
    Over-Axel pipe - entirely 2.25"
    V8's have 2.5" Exhaust

    Does Any Manufacture Sell Long Tube Headers For Our Cars?
    No. There are only three companies that sells headers for the v6 f-body and all are mid-length headers. If you search, you will find that one member has taken pacesetter headers and made them into long tubes for his own car.

    Where Do I Get An S-pipe?
    • You can make a custom one for a cheaper price. if you go to or, you will be able to find a u-bend pipe in what ever size you need that can be cut in half and re-welded in the shape of the S you need.
    • You can simply ask the exhaust shop you plan on using to make you one.

    How To Make an S-pipe?
    Member Write-up

    Why do I need to upgrade the size of my S-pipe?
    Simply put, if you have a larger diameter aftermarket cat-back exhaust system and then put a larger diameter high flow catalytic converter on, you have just created a bottle neck.

    Where To Buy Exhaust Parts For A Custom Kit?
    I-pipe And Over-axle Pipe By Summit- Pipes can be purchased at other locations.

    What Exhaust Systems and Parts Are Available For My Car?
    List By Year And Engine

    How To Install Pacesetter Headers?
    How To w/ Pictures

    Are The Supplied Header gaskets Good Enough?
    Not really...they will fail in the end so when doing the initial install, I recommend you buy Abbott Racing header Gaskets.

    What Does XXXX Exhaust System Sound Like?
    List Of Member's Sound Clips Grouped By Engine

    Which Is Better, 2.5" or 3.0" Exhaust?
    There is no definite answer but read this post to help make your own decision and do some searching for other posts. Let me say this, with a 3" exhaust compared to a 2.5" exhaust system, you do not lose any power. All you lose is the fell you get when taking off. The only thing that is happening is your torque curve has moved up the power band around 500rpms but you have still increased your HP you have not lose any torque, probably gained some, will have a faster car at the track and that's all that really matters.

    How Much HP Should I Expect From My xxxx Exhaust System?
    No one knows so don't ask. You should expect around 10-15hp with pretty much any of the available systems.

    EGR Delete
    Completely removing the EGR system will require a block off plate for the exhaust manifold(header), a block off plate for the intake manifold, and an EGR sim(simulator). Not getting an EGR sim will throw codes and could potentially cause drive-ability concern. You can of course have the code deleted with tuning. You can find the parts listed you need from ZZPerformance. unless your car is supercharged or turbo charged, you should expect to have drive-ability concerns such as your engine running hotter, running lean which could potentially not be adjusted by the computer and having spark knock. Read!

    Post Catalytic Converter Simulator
    This part is usually required because due to the nature of the high flow design of after market high flow cats. You may need it, you may not. I would recommend only purchasing the Casper Electronics O2 simulator for our v6 f-bodies. read this for more information.


    What Intake Systems and Parts Are Available For My Car?
    List By Year And Engine

    How Much HP Should I Expect From **** Intake System?
    No one knows so don't ask. Should expect no more that 5-7hp tops.

    Does Anyone Sell The Clear Intake Lid For My Car?
    I wish they did, but no. However, as always, You can Make Any LS1/LT1 Intake Fit your car within reason.

    IAT Sensor - Resistor Mod
    These things are totally :bs: . I don't want to ramble on in an angry manor so if you want to know more, search.

    Who Sells Throttle Body Spacers and Does It Make A Big Difference?
    ZZPerformance sells throttle body spacers said to be for 99+. This modification is what would be considered a supporting mod which means it doesn't in itself supply a large amount of power gain but it is a mod that will well round out your complete intake system. So, do this last and save your money for something else.

    Info regarding throttle body spacers and coolant block offs

    Which Intake Kit Gives The Most Power?
    none, all intake systems are extremely close to each other in the performance they produce.

    ( This is always in the works, but let me know what you would like to see in this please)
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    Re: How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

    blldogg, email me if u want me to let u upload pix to my server so u dont have to use the sh!tty photo upload places with a bunch of adds.... [email protected]


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      Re: How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

      sweet, my pic!


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        Re: How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

        Originally posted by Big Tymer
        blldogg, email me if u want me to let u upload pix to my server so u dont have to use the sh!tty photo upload places with a bunch of adds.... [email protected]
        Thanks for the offer, I think im going to use one of our members site, since he was nice enough to offer it to everyone awhile ago for free. I was just in a hurry and threw them on that site. I will try to switch them over tonight.


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          Re: How To's and FAQ's! Read This First

          oh and ill try and get a better pic of the underside in a few weeks when i get my tips put on at the exhaust shop for you too!


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