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  • vanbibber
    One last thing: NON SPECIFIC THREAD TITLES WILL BE LOCKED. dont just post HELP!!!!!! or dont know what's wrong with my car. when you do that it doesnt help people in the future who may be having the same problem you are having now when searching for answers.

    who will win posts... dont bother it'll get locked also. find out for yourself at the track, bench racing proves nothing.
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  • vanbibber
    started a topic Rules and Guidelines

    Rules and Guidelines

    Decided to clean up the top of the forum and combined everything.

    Just wanted to make a little guideline to save headaches for moderators, and to actually make it a little easier for our newer members to get help that they need.

    General Tech is a general forum. There are other, more focused forums where members can get more specific help with certain things.

    I see a LOT of posts in Gen Tech about things like "What intake" and "what exhaust"... "lowering springs", etc...well you get the point.

    I come bearing good news. We have other TECH forums here as well!

    For all your basic engine breathing needs, we have "Intake/Exhaust".
    For those needing help with wheel/tire combinations, springs, and anything related to suspension issues, we have "Suspension".
    For questions regarding transmissions, driveshafts, gears, etc, we have "Drivetrain".

    For everything else, post here! Just wanted everyone to know, for your convenience, mine, and bu-bye's, there are several focused forums for your focused needs.


    Moderation and Rules posted by TealV6
    This is in reguard to issues brought to the administrations attention.

    1. Read the rules
    2. Find the search button

    While reading the rules, you will see moderators have the last word. Admins will 99.9% back up our moderators. They are all hand picked for specific reasons, they do there job well!

    I you have an issue with the moderators, seek an admin. But chances are, we will follow what the moderators have already stated/done.

    Don't like these rules, don't be here! Plan and simple.

    As usual, Moderators, your doing a fine job. Please continue to serve for the best, and we thank you for that!!

    Steve Miller

    General Tech Rules and Guidelines

    I'd like to establish a few guidelines and regs that will hopefully make this forum more efficient. If any members have suggestions, please e-mail the site owner at

    1. Please: Do a search before posting any new topic. This especially goes for seafoam, plugs and wires, and SES light codes. This saves bandwidth, saves YOUR typing time, and our reading time.

    2. NO FLUFF POSTS. Again, let's save bandwidth here. Try to keep your posts on topic. No simple "lol" or anything related like that. There is no need for that garbage. And if you just have this compulsion to type in "do a search", you can AT LEAST link some threads that might help them. Or, just offer some advice. I try to post advice before locking, please do the same.

    3. No "TTT" ("To The Top") posts with nothing else in them. If you have a problem, first search. If nothing, then post. Now here's the time for YOU to actually take on some independent thought. If its been more than say 12 hours, its okay to post again, but in those 12 hours I am SURE you may have some possible solutions. Post them! Your ideas MAY BE the solution! If all you can do is type to post for help, and then TTT it when 'no one wants to help', quite frankly if you're too lazy to think on your own, I shouldn't have to think for you.

    4. Have fun. Be constructive. No personal attacks, snide remarks, or anything in a general condescending nature will be permitted. We're here to help each other, let's remember that at all times.

    5. Don't post just to be a jerk.

    6. NO MORE SEAFOAM THREADS there is a sticky that explains everything in detail. if its not there, do a search, your question has been answered before i can almost garauntee it. this goes hand in hand with rule 1.
    Thank you!

    *credits to Navyblue2000 and TealV6 for posting these*

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