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Coolant leak found. What next?

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  • Coolant leak found. What next?

    After doing some Thread Searching I guess I need to order up this hose but I have a few questions. There is a one way bypass hose it seems an I never would've guessed what it was until I wiped off the grime and seen the embossed arrow on the hose and found a sticker with a GM part number on it.

    Go to the dealer for this part or Autozone? I dread going to Autozone for their excruciating wait and deal with the iPod plugged employees lol. I can drive with no concerns of overheating but I also have next weekend to pre-winterize this Camaro with over 295K miles on it. It's starting to show its age!

    Coolant leak caught by the passenger side front sway bar bushing.

    Within the embossed arrow, it says Heater Core and it's directional. Source of coolant leak.

    Sticker I cleaned off with a GM part number.

    Throwing money at the problem, I ordered the following from the RockAuto website: Waterpump, radiator, thermostat, upper & lower radiator hoses, heater core. Away with the original stock 295K mile parts and in goes some new cooling parts.

    I can't seem to locate the heater core hoses though. This is where I need the help.

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    Re: Coolant leak found. What next?

    on mine i got on the throttle hard getting ont he interstate one day and my actually blew apart and aintifreeze went everywhere. that hose is expensive at the dealership. i went to advance auto and they sell like an extender type of thing that you put where the metal is. you cut all that metal part off and connect the 2 rubber ends to this peice. then put 2 screw type clamps and it and refill coolant and get air out and your done. i know you probably don't understand what i am talking about but they sell a kit at advanced auto like i am talking about and its like $5. just tell the guys what i am talking about and they should be able to help you out.



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      Re: Coolant leak found. What next?

      It is an expensive part I noticed.

      So I should ignore the arrow and perform the simple retrofit...Thx Choppers.

      However, why should be there a junction at that point??? Makes me wonder why that area has a metal fitting right in the middle of the hose as shown in the middle pic. It should be one long continous hose from heater core to tensioner assembly right? GM wisdom I guess.


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        Re: Coolant leak found. What next?

        i have no clue but its a through hose. you'll see when you do the job itold you to do


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          New Assembly