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Changing rear diff. Fluid

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  • Changing rear diff. Fluid

    It’s been about 15-17 years since the diff. Fluid been changed so ordered so 75-90 fluid from Amsoil. Already have a T/A rear cover so should be pretty easy since it has a drain plug and fill plug. According to Amsoil it’s 3.6 pints, 1.8 qts, plus ordered 4oz of rear diff additive. Yeah last time the rear diff was touched was in 2008 if I remember correctly. I had a brand new Torsen diff put in with GM Motive 3.73 gears and new axle seals installed. Still have my old Torsen diff somewhere in my shed. From 2008 until now probably put 22k miles on it so pretty good. Going to start beating on the Camaro tuning for the turbo so want some good fluid in there.
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