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Buffing & Polishing Pad Types

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  • Buffing & Polishing Pad Types

    As I immerse myself deeper into restoring the appearance of my LS1 Camaro and fixing the scratches that it has in the paint, I have been doing a lot of research on polishing pad types.

    I opted to buy the hex-logic pads from chemical guys as 1) I am a beginner with DA polishers and 2) I found a package price on Amazon for several polishing pad types that made it a great deal and starter kit.

    To help both myself and others going forward I also created a guide from my research on buffing and polishing pad types. I know that come next year when I go to rewax my car I will forget which pad does what if I don’t keep notes like this.

    Feel free to add to this post any other information you feel would be relevant.

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    I'm into the hex-logic pads for 4 colors. They have a table on their website to differentiate what they're good for. I printed that out and put it up on my cabinet of Velcro to keep me straight. The pads are good, but I'm not sure about their line of polishes.


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