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    Rainy day in the shop, decided to organize my stuff:

    For interiors, this thing is almost creepy how well it works. It will take grease out of upholstery, soda out of headliners, detail your engine bay, anything you can think of.

    I haven't found anything better than Bleche Wite for cleaning tires. I also like Jax Wax stuff, they're local, by the airport. Their wheel cleaner goes from green to purple as it cleans - Pretty cool.

    I use these car washes through my foam cannon as a regular wash and when I claybar. I like going with two buckets when I wash using the grate for the dirty water. The purple stuff comes with a childproof lid - for good reason, it smells delicious.

    When I do a correction, you can't go wrong with products from Griot's Garage.

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    Between compounds I use a rinse-less car wash either Optimum, Griot's or Ultima. I buy microfiber towels from Costco, and go through about 5 per detail. The gray towel is from Griot's, it will dry an entire car on one pass. $40 is pretty steep, but I haven't seen anything like it.

    To finish up, I like old-fashioned carnuba wax, buffed off with some Griot's spray wax. I like to keep a bottle of detail spray in the car, and I haven't found anything that smells better than this Hawaiian stuff. I keep a bottle in the kitchen to wipe everything down. Finally, I like Plexus to use on anything plastic and shiny. I think it keeps the fake wood plastic trim looking sharp.


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      Where do i buy this stuff at? Sounds like its good stuff. Nevermind found the Griots website alot of good stuff.
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        Either Amazon or direct from Jax Wax. I follow couple professional detailer websites, and this is what the pros use. The biggest thing I've bought are tons of microfiber towels.