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V6 Camaro Secondary Cat Delete?

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  • V6 Camaro Secondary Cat Delete?

    I have an appointment tmrw to get my secondary cats deleted off my 2018 Chevy Camaro V6 1LE (for those who are unaware - It has the NPP factory quad exhaust), so I just wanted to know how much of a difference it will make? How will it sound different from what it is now? I have done a fuse pull on my car (while exhaust on track mode). Other than that, entirely stock exhaust-wise.
    Also, is there any method possible to keep the NPP sound management option with a muffler delete?
    Or is the secondary cat delete enough?

    I love the car as it is, and it sounds great, but I want it to be a bit deeper and for the car to pop/crackle! I understand my best shot would be to do a muffler delete (for maximum sound) but exhaust laws are strict in my city so I don’t wanna go crazy yet.

    Please attach any vids if relevant!

    Thank you in advance!

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    A good place for a sound check would be here: https://www.camarov6.com/forum/techn...exhaust-thread

    Why not do something like an electric cutout? This lets you dump the exhaust before the muffler, but when you close it you can put it back through the muffler? That gives you the best of both worlds?

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      X2 for electric cutout, you can crack it for a little extra sound or wide open.
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        Hey man, I have a 2019 Camaro RS V6 1LE and I added the catless downpipes from ARH and I also have a muffler delete with custom tips and man, It makes a huge difference! If you want to hear how it sounds then you can check my car page on IG BLACK1LE I would honestly say it's worth it and the cold starts are loud and amazing.


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