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  • Social Media V6 Camaro Questions

    I want to do this every so often. I put out there who has any V6 related questions on our social media with the pretense that I will post some of the questions here. This is to try and help some of those who may be too shy to sign up for the forum but still have questions they would like answered.
    1. Question:What's the best bang for your buck hp wise for a 6th gen?

      Answer: In my opinion the best bang for your buck hp you can get in your 6th gen (or really any generation Camaro) would be nitrous. For approximately $1,300 you can have between 50-200hp on tap. Be careful though, with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure you read our nitrous information sticky so that you can safely operate it on your Camaro.
    2. Question: My 2015 V6 Camaro has a weird rattling in the engine bay and I don't know what it is?

      Answer: This one is hard to diagnose without more information. Are you stock? Modified? Was there recent work done to your Camaro? It could be as simple as a heat shield or and exhaust component that is touching part of your frame, or it could be something more complicated. Why don't you create an account on our forum, upload a video of the sound to YouTube and make a post so we can further help you out?
    3. Question: What's the best recommended mod on a stock V6 Camaro to enhance performance (50+hp)

      Answer: For a big boost in performance from a single modification I would say you may want to look into getting either a turbo kit, supercharger kit, or as I stated in an above question look into running nitrous. There are many ways to get a 50+hp boost and you can do it both boosted or completely N.A. The question back to you is, how much work do you want to put into getting that type of horsepower boost?
    4. Question: What is the best V6 Camaro Exhaust?

      Answer: Tough question especially when I am not sure if this is for a 5th gen or 6th gen V6 Camaro? Sound is really subjective and what I like you may not like. We have two really great threads with exhaust sound clips for 5th gen v6 Camaro's & 6th gen V6 Camaro's
    5. Question: What's a good bolt on power mod for the 2013 V6 Camaro?

      Answer: There are a lot of great bolt on power mods. I typically like starting off with a good intake and exhaust to not only help the car breathe better, but to also give me the wild and unleashed sound that I love from my car. I suggest you take a look at our thread for V6 Camaro bolt on mods and what they do for you. It may help you in some of the decisions you make.

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    1996 3800 Camaro - 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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    New set of questions came in for this week!
    1. Question: What is the best exhaust setup to make the tone deeper but not too loud if that's possible?

      A: Sounds like an electric cutout might be a good option for you. Crack it open to the loudness you'd like and close it off when you need to be quiet. We still suggest that you give our exhaust threads for each generation a listen to see what sounds best to you: 5th gen v6 Camaro's & 6th gen V6 Camaro's
    2. Question: How to Turbo my V6 Camaro?
      A: If you are new to modifying cars you will want to make sure you get all of your supporting modifications done first. Start by reading this guide for bolt on mods and what they do for your car. Once you got the basics down, start doing all of the reading you can on forced induction. You can make a ton of power but you can also easily blow your motor if you go in blindly and have no idea what you are doing. I recommend you start with reading everything in this thread: Everything you need to know about turbo's. You may be best to start with a turbo kit from one of our Sponsors. Make sure you have an intercooler or in lieu of an intercooler to cool your intake charge you run meth. Ask lots of questions on anything you get hung up on. Lastly, you'll need to get the car tuned.
    3. Question: Best cold air intake brand?
      A: Take your pick, they are all pretty rock solid and will give you roughly the same gains. It is better to seal it off from the heat of the engine bay as much as possible as a colder charge of air will be more dense with oxygen molecules. O2 + fuel = power. Take a look at what you aesthetically like and what fits the pocket book. Our sponsor Wildhammer Motorsports has some great options for 6th gen Camaro intakes
    4. Question: Does anyone know a tuner who can tune a 4cylinder turbo 2018 in IE/SoCal area?
      Answer: I personally don't but others on here might and might chime in!

    2002 SOM Z28 Camaro - 12.9 @ 104 mph
    1996 3800 Camaro - 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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      New set of questions:

      Question: What do you think is better? RS, SS, Z28
      A: My opinion is none is better than the other. The V8's are fast but so are the 6's when done right. It all boils down to what you're looking to do. If you want to drive it and never mod it go with the V8. If you want to modify it keep in mind that for the new Camaro's before you add any bells and whistles it's 10k more for the v8. You can Turbo/Supercharge your V6 for less than that and be faster than that stock V8. Sure you can do the same to the V8, but you've still paid at a minimum $10k more. Do what suits you.

      Question: Where can I buy a 2010 V6 Engine?
      A: Try checking out this auto wrecking site - it searches all of the auto wreckers across the USA and Canada

      Question: What are the gains for a V6 E85 Tune? Is it worth is?
      First off, make sure you get an E85 kit before you start putting that fuel in your car. The gains I have been seeing with those who have done it are about 12-15rwhp with some bigger gains in torque. Is it worth it? Well, what are your other modifications? It would be worth it for the person who asked this question to make a post on the forum so we can get some more information from them.

      Question: Who thinks 323hp is a good amount of horsepower for a V6 Camaro?
      I do! The LS1 Camaro / Firebirds had between 305hp and 320hp depending on the year. The LS1 was pretty much considered to be touched by the hand of "God" for many years and is still one of the most swapped engines out there as far as big builds go. Everything from Supra's, Porches, Fieros, etc. Hell even a Lambo and a plane has been LS Swapped! So why wouldn't a V6 with more hp than the LS1 be considered good?

      Question: What is the highest HP and torque anyone has reached with a 6th gen V6?
      I am not sure, maybe one of our other members might chime in.

      Question: Anyone use the Phastek blackout kit for taillights? is it worth it?
      I am not sure - maybe other members have used them and can chime in? I do know our sponsor Wildhammer Motorsports has some good looking lighting stuff here:

      Question: Why don't they make headers for the 2016 V6 Camaro?
      A: After 2011 GM changed the design of the V6 engine to incorporate the exhaust manifold into the cylinder head as one piece. No V6 Camaro from 2012+ will have headers separate from the cylinder head. This quick video here actually shows you the design and why this is:

      Question: Has anyone installed a cold air intake on their Camaro? How much horsepower did you gain?
      I think a lot of people start with this and exhaust as a first modification. Expect somewhere in the range of 5-10hp. Cold Air intakes are good first mods but they are not miracle workers.

      Question: How fast can you get?
      How fast do you want to go?

      Question: Where is the cheapest place to get 2019 RS parts
      Not sure where the cheapest is, but we have a great sponsor on board with us Wildhammer Motorsports that carry a lot of parts for the 2019 RS. Remember, anytime you are building a car you can generally only pick 3 of the following: Cheap | Fast | Reliable - you do get what you pay for.

      2002 SOM Z28 Camaro - 12.9 @ 104 mph
      1996 3800 Camaro - 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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