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  • Camaro with ticking noise

    My 2011 Camaro recently started making a ticking noise from the left side of the engine near the sparkplug 6 and 8 location. The ticking sound comes and goes, my mechanic changed the all sparkplugs and the sound went all until the next day. The car drives the same, no check engine light, and no shaking. Can someone shine some light. It will be greatly appreciated.

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    Couple questions for you:
    1. Does it tick on first startup when it is cold? Or does it only do it when it is warm? Or both?
    2. If you rev the car up, does the ticking get faster? Or does it go away? (Have someone rev it up slowly while you listen in the engine bay)
    3. Can you take a video and put it on youtube and link it here so we can hear what you are hearing?
    Ticking can be caused by a number of things including exhaust leaks near the engine.

    There was also a bulletin put out by GM regarding ticking in the 3.6L engines due to the fuel injectors. The bulletin was put out before the Camaro was released- but it encompasses the LLT engines which is what you have in your 2011.

    #07-06-04-025A: Information on Clicking/Ticking Sound/Noise Heard During Cold Start, Sound/Noise Decreases But Continues as Engine Warms-Normal Operation of High Pressure Fuel Pump and Injectors - (Nov 26, 2008)

    Subject: Information on Clicking/Ticking Sound/Noise Heard During Cold Start, Sound/Noise Decreases But Continues as Engine Warms - Normal Operation of High Pressure Fuel Pump and Injectors

    Models: 2008-2009 Cadillac CTS, STS
    2009 Buick Enclave
    2009 Chevrolet Traverse
    2009 GMC Acadia
    2009 Saturn OUTLOOK
    with 3.6L VVT Direct Injection V6 Engine (VINs D, V -- RPO LLT)
    This bulletin is being revised to add the 2009 model year to the Cadillac models and include additional truck models. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 07-06-04-025 (Section 06 -- Engine/Propulsion System).
    Do This
    Inform the customer that this is normal operation of the high pressure fuel pump and injectors.

    Don't Do This
    DO NOT replace the high pressure fuel pump and or injectors.

    The 3.6L SIDI engine (VIN V - RPO LLT) uses a direct injection fuel system that operates at very high fuel pressures. A direct injection fuel system produces a rapid clicking and ticking sound that can be heard from the engine compartment. The sound is more evident when outside around the vehicle or when the hood is open. The sound is more noticeable during idle and is more frequent during a cold start, but lessens once the engine is warm. The rapid ticking noise on cold start up is the fuel pump (located on the rear of the left cylinder head) building up high fuel pressure. When the engine warm-up is completed, the high pressure fuel pump will continue to tick at a lower rate of approximately one tick per second during idle. The clicking sound is the fuel injectors pulsing on and off under higher fuel pressures. These sounds are the results of a normal direct injection fuel system operating properly.

    DO NOT attempt to repair or replace any parts for this kind of clicking or ticking concern. The clicking or ticking sound is not indicative of any concerns with the engine or the vehicle. You may wish to give the customer a copy of this bulletin.

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