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  • Top end swap 2.8

    Hey, guys!! I have an 81 Chevette that I just picked up a tbi 2.8, 700r4 and s10 rear end for and was thinking about a 3500 top end swap before I put it in the car. The original plan was just to drop it in and go, but I was unable to get the computer and wiring from the guy so it got me thinking top end swap and microsquirt. Is it worth it or should I just swap in a 3500? I know there is a lot of info on here and other forums, but it seems scattered and incomplete. Big thing I am wondering about is what crank trigger to use. What do you guys think?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Some of the stuff on the earlier engines is definitely scattered a bit as there have been fewer guys to stop by and chime in with them. Megasquirt can do some great things, but does have its challenges from what I understand. I tried to look into using it way back when, but found a work around to my needs through using hp tuners as I was OBD II - you are not.

    I am very interested to see this build, so make sure you keep us up to date!

    If you are interested in running megasquirt I would give this thread a read:

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      i'll defer to LETZRIDE, i just did the 3400 top end swap in the 85....... among other swaps
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