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You live in NY and hate front licence plates? Email Reps.

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  • You live in NY and hate front licence plates? Email Reps.

    That is a link to information about a Bill that has been proposed to get rid of front plates, copy the block of email addresses and ask the Representatives to sign the bill. If you are not sure what to write here is what I sent....

    Attention Members of the NYS Transportation Committee,
    As a life long resident of New York I have found that having two licence plates is a waste of resources. The first waste comes with the materials used in their construction Second the flat spot interrupts the aerodynamic efficiency that the OEM manufacturers intended for the automobiles, this is crucial for fuel savings. While on a single car the difference may seem negligible, the difference would definitely be felt on the millions of registered vehicles in NYS. Third it would also save NY residents money come time for new plates. Fourth it makes it easier to purchase cars out of state that do not come with fixtures for the front licence plate. Fifth there are many classic cars that have their aesthetics and value hurt from having the front plate affixed to sometimes hard to find bumpers.

    New York needs to move forward with this so we can at least be in line with all of the other states who have made this change already. NY seems to lag behind in so many aspects, lets not be the last to implement this change.

    I thank all of you for your service to our state, I know your jobs are not easy and people never seem to be satisfied even when a good job is done. You can rest assured I know your struggles and I wish you the best of luck. I will make sure to thank all of you again once this bill is passed.

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