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Found my 98 V6 Firebird

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  • Found my 98 V6 Firebird

    Found out that my 98 firebird is still running and is registered in NC.. Maybe the person who owns it is on here?? If anyone can get me more info via carfax or what not the vin is..

    Jeff ..
    1998 Firebird.. Built 3.8 with a 125 shot.. 370rwhp,415rwtq.. stock tune!! sold

    2002 WS6 T/A.. Bolt ins..448rwhp
    2009 G8 GT.. Vararam intake, GXP axleback
    1998 Corvette.. Vararam intake, Ti axleback

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    Re: Found my 98 V6 Firebird

    might have more carfax action in the lounge
    1978 Formula 461 in progress of being built :rock:
    2013 Ram 1500 Big Horn

    former owner of 85 bird w/ 2.8 - 3.4 - 3800 II - 5.0
    94 comero 3.4


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