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Cold air inductions CAI review

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  • Cold air inductions CAI review

    I installed a cold air inductions intake on my 2011 Camaro a few weeks ago then got it retuned ( a tube isn’t required for the CAI per cold air inductions instructions however I always retune)

    the install was incredibly simple you don’t even need instructions to figure it out and it’s a great little project for beginners. The only thing I have to say is the figment is really tight so make sure it’s actually in all the way before driving off. The cold air intake 100% changed the sound of my exhaust note. I didn’t think I’d be able to tell a difference since I have long tube headers and an MRT axle back However the difference was noticeable right away. My car definitely has more get up and go in the 2000-3000RPM range. Before this cold air intake from cold air inductions I have a K and N intake and the cold air inductions intake out performs the K&N by a mile not to mention it looks better.

    10/10 recommend
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    Thanks for the review!

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      The CAI Kit looks great and fits like OEM

      I went from the K/N system to CAI as I thought the K/N kind of looked junky and it does next to this system.


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