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'19 SS 1LE Style Splitter designed for '18 SS Installed on '18 LS. Success!

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  • '19 SS 1LE Style Splitter designed for '18 SS Installed on '18 LS. Success!

    Hey all, so I've recently installed the '19 1LE style splitter which is said to be made for the '18 SS on my '18 LS with great success. I ordered from nextgenspeed.com out of Michigan. Quick install how to; NOTE: KEEP ALL FACTORY HARDWARE. 1. Remove the little warning scrapers or whatever they are that hang down in front of the front tires (5x screws), 2. Go along under the front of the bumper and unscrew all 8 screws holding bumper to some under carriage protection, 3. Mock up splitter to see which 2x screws do not get used to hold on the splitter and reinstall them (the two most inner screws from removing the warning scrapers), 4. Using any means necessary prop the splitter in place (I did this in the driveway with ramps to hold up the splitter), 5. Reusing the factory hardware reinstall the two outer most screws being reused from the warning scrappers, then reinstall all 8 of the screws that are along the front underside. This specific splitter had 4 spots for self taping screws in the center, when installing these watch your length of self tappers and the angle you put them in. If your screws are long enough and you go in too vertically there is the possibility to come right through the top of your bottom factory lip EEWWWW DONT DO THAT!
    So we are left with the isnt there gunna be gaps question. I'm telling you, this is a slick perfect bolt on. As far as security goes, this thing is solid. Gaps.... tiny and i mean tiny gap (cant get a pen in there) about 8" long on either side under the outer most parts of the grille. There is a big overhang of factory bumper here and is nearly unnoticeable. I am completely happy with the install. Uploading my pics this site keeps timing out.... instagram red_thunder_camaro to see the pics....

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    Nice! You can only post 2-3 pics per post. So you may have run into that issue? If you are still having issues you can email me the photos at [email protected] and I can post them up here for you

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      Cool , would be nice to see pics.
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