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3.4 Starter "How To"

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  • 3.4 Starter "How To"

    My original starter finally gave out on my 1993 3.4L Firebird. Not bad for 19 years and 175,000 miles.

    I searched on here and other sites for some "how to" knowledge, but I found lots of conflicting information. So, hopefully somebody searches for this subject in the future and finds this thread. Here are the facts.

    You DO NOT need to drop the exhaust Y Pipe to do this job. When I looked at the 19 year old bolts on both manifolds, I knew that was not an option. I have changed many starters in my lifetime, and this was by far the most challenging. So, here is how I did it on my 1993 3.4L Firebird, Automatic Trans:
    • Raise vehicle on ramp or jackstands.
    • Disconnect battery.
    • Remove flywheel cover (4 bolts)
    • Unbolt Starter (2 Bolts)
    • Reposition starter and disconnect electrical connections (2 Wires)
    • Reposition starter and remove heat shield (2 Nuts)
    • Reposition starter so that it is upside down and backwards.
    • The starter will now get caught between the exhaust and the transmission cooler lines as you try to remove it.
    • Carefully bend the trans cooler lines towards the transmission.
    • The starter will now slide out (barely)

    The new starter had a sticker on it that said "Next Gen". It slid in with ease. Looks like the new starters are a tiny bit smaller, so they fit through the opening.

    For install, reverse the above procedures. You will need to slowly bend the trans cooler lines back in order to reinstall the flywheel cover.

    My car now starts like a champ. I did not realize how slowly the original starter actually cranked. What a difference the new one makes. Purchased from RockAuto.com, my favorite parts supplier.

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