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  • Patriotism.....

    As today marks the 6 years mark from the horrific event, 9/11.

    We sit here and think.
    Were still at war, for what happened six years ago.

    The Event in my opinion Brought us closer together as a nation and also divided us as a nation.

    It Brought us together, because it showed us even as one of the strongest nations in the world, we are still very vulnerable to attacks and terrorism. I feel that brought us closer together and brought back a sense of lost pride to some of us americans.

    I will admit, i lost my pride of being american and was taking what huge prides and advantages we have over many countries for granted. That date burned a image into my brain. What will some people do to bring others down? It showed me to appreciate what i have and what i obtain every day.

    It also tore our nation apart.

    Many people heartbroken over loosing loved ones, Losing friends, And just the fact that there was a massacre that day. It Tore apart so many people, and scared many many more. It showed us how vulnerable we are. It split us apart, with war too. some people believe that a war is the way to answer the problem that arose this horrible day six years ago, not saying it is or isn't the answer. But bushes decision to go to war upset many, and furthered our nation apart.

    So thinking back on this day i get mixed emotions.

    Im upset about all the lost people, and all the people who gave their lives trying to help out.

    Im outraged that someone can purposely hi jack a plain and fly it into a building.

    i have mixed emotions on our war. In some ways it is good, and in just as many its bad.

    So here are my thoughts for the day.
    Im very sorry for rambling.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this.

    REPLY and talk to me about it.

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    Re: Patriotism.....

    We will be in the Gulf region at least a decade, so there are more mixed feelings to come.
    I think Bin Laden is only a figurehead now, and getting him wont change much.
    If we are forced to change our energy consumption thru this, so be it.
    I would be in favor of a draft if my son wasnt 15...


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