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    I don't know if you guys have heard, they are currently making a Knight Rider movie. James Wan, the guy who directed a couple of the Fast and Furious movies will be directing it. They said they will be using modern technology to the movie. That probably means that they won't be using the 3rd gen firebird as KITT. I'm guessing it would the Corvette.

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    Cool, they could always use a New Camaro dressed up as a Won’t be the same if they don’t use a Firebird.
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      As long as it's not a Mustang that couldn't manage to outrun SUVs in chase scenes. God that was a bad reboot.


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        Originally posted by Namrepus28 View Post
        As long as it's not a Mustang that couldn't manage to outrun SUVs in chase scenes. God that was a bad reboot.
        Was it good at taking out crowds of people at least?

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          I just hope it's not cheesy.


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            What would Knight Rider be without a massive side order of Cheeessyyy :)


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