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Testing and repairing winches

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  • Testing and repairing winches

    I know no one in their right frame of mind would have one on a Camaro - but on my DD Chevy Colorado I have one. This weekend I was up in the back country and we got about 1.5' of snow. I went to test my winch as we were going to be going down the trails and it decided to quit working. It would flick on every now and then when I was pushing the button for maybe 5 seconds. I thought it might have been frozen, but after thawing it out it did the same.

    Needless to say it is not working and I slid off the trail and had to dig out lol.

    I want to try and fix it, but I have not worked on these things before. Was hoping it is something simple like a solenoid, but also don't really know how to test these things either.

    The winch is a WARN VR8000 if anyone knows a thing or two about them?

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