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The 2019 V6 Camaro is getting great reviews!

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  • The 2019 V6 Camaro is getting great reviews!

    Looks like the 2019 model is getting some great reviews! And 0-60 in 5.3 seconds is LS1 territory!

    2002 SOM Z28 Camaro
    1996 3800 camaro- Gone - still the fastest N/A Canadian 3.8L F-body
    V6 best: 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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    I'm so glad they put the new ones on a diet. Now you can really feel the HP.

    the 2010 I drove around didn't feel any faster than my V6.


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      Wow their getting impressive, but I still like
      08' L76 6.0L 4X4 Chevy EXT.Cab LTZ Vortec MAX with Snug top cover, Dynomax exhaust,Hptuners& K&N intake
      96' Camaro M5 to A4 conversion, alot of mods ,see Homepage. GT35R Turbo


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