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    i know some of ya game. im pretty much into gaming hardcore these days. kind of taken over my car hobby. i played battlefield 4 competitively, im the number 1 player in ohio in almost every category and one of the top players in the US. i also stream a lot on twitch now (recently became an affiliate) i play a bunch of shit though, lots of forza, madden and other stuff. hit me up if youre on xbox or ps4

    Xbox: Optimusprymrib
    PS4: Optimusprymribx1

    ive got a stream account but i dont play on pc much right now so i wont post it. lets play some shit mofos, post up them gamertags

    current car- 95 Trans am- bolt ons, parked and collecting dust. why? because **** it

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    Nice, I have battlefield 4 for xbox but dont play that much, cant get my left arm to move as fast as I want to, due to the stroke, so its disappointing. I love Doom and cant finish it do to you have to move quickly and fire. So I've given it up. Im the opposite of you I spend more time on the car instead of gaming. Although it would be cheaper to
    08' L76 6.0L 4X4 Chevy EXT.Cab LTZ Vortec MAX with Snug top cover, Dynomax exhaust,Hptuners& K&N intake
    96' Camaro M5 to A4 conversion, alot of mods ,see Homepage. GT35R Turbo


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      Used to play the original Battlefield online ages ago, but these days tend to play single player - mostly Skyrim and the later of the Fallout series. Only have a PC but it seems to run with everything set at full noise quite nicely.


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