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    If you got family or friends that you keep meaning to go see - relationships you keep meaning to mend. Stop being busy and go do it/see them...don't wait for tomorrow...go do it today. Make time and stop using the excuse that you don't have the time or the energy.

    Last week in a span of 32 hours I lost 2/3 biggest hero's in my life...both my Grandfathers. One was semi expected with declining health, one was a sudden brain annuerism while working on the plumbing under the kitchen sink. My biggest regret was for the past while I kept putting off going to see them, I was too busy, too tired, too lazy, too whatever...I had stories to tell them I didn't get to say because who the hell thinks they won't be around tomorrow...gone, instantly, as quick as a blink of an eye and as hard hitting as a shitty phone call.

    I give advice to people all the time about cars, marketing, tools, sports, I am giving a new piece of advice to people today that is cliche but after spending this week at the same cemetery twice I don't care - forget being busy...forget some stupid fight you had that in the grand scheme of things is meaningless...forget feeling lazy...make an effort to talk to and see those that mean something to you more often and everyday if you can.

    Today in the world of technology and taking work home with us...answering emails well after work hours - we've lost / are losing sight of what is important - family/friends/kids...those around us won't be around forever and life is really short - at any moment it can be gone in a snap.

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    Sorry to hear that Mike, and your right about getting the time to go see a loved one.
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      Sorry for your loss - I lost my mom last year, and my grandma a few months ago. You really get an appreciation for the limited time you have left with the people that have always been a part of your life.


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        I can definitely relate to you.

        So sorry for your loss.


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