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  • Tools for bleeding ABS

    So way back when I first bought my Camaro if you had to bleed the brakes / ABS you had to have access to a techII scanner or drive around slamming the brakes on some wet roads/gravel to get the ABS to come on, go back bleed and repeat until all the air was out.

    Since my master cylinder is bone dry (yay me) I am going to need to bleed air from the ABS block as well. I have come across a few items on ebay that are scan tools stating they are ABS bleeding capable in the descriptions as they can cycle the solenoids etc.

    This is an example:

    Icarsoft scanner

    Does anyone have experience with these or another tool that is able to do this function? Cheaper the better as I have a scan tool already...

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    I ran my dry when installing my 98+ brakes in January and didn’t use a tool on my abs. It’s a 50/50 chance when my ABS light kicks on but that’s what it did before I did the brakes. Got new Moog front sensors and replace the rear sensor. Think I might need a new a ABS module. You might as well just fill it up and see what it does.
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