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    Out of boredom, I ordered a bunch of stuff from McKee's 37.

    One bottle I got, was this Hydro Blue coating:

    This stuff is pretty crazy, you literally wash your car, and while its still wet you hit it with a couple of sprays of this stuff, and bam, instant beading when you rinse it off. Beading on everything, paint, tires, plastic & etc.

    Here is the livestock trailer that hasn't been washed in 3 years, and that has sat out in the sun for about a year of that time:

    No waxes, no coatings, nothing since I bought it new.

    I spray this stuff on, and boom, water beads up and definitely added some gloss.

    I've used this on several cars that are poorly maintained, and always get positive reactions. We've gone about 5 weeks since I did the neighbor girl's jeep, and it appears the coating is still going strong after three washes and sitting outside.

    Fun stuff, I'd recommend getting a bottle if you want a quick & dirty coating option.

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    That is pretty sweet- if it isn’t expensive may be a good option for rims or for the daily driver

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      $15 - $16 for a bottle. I did 4 regular sized cars on a bottle (generously). I just opened bottle #3

      I plan on using it every time I wash the daily drivers once they start putting salt on the roads.


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        Nice, looks like great stuff.
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          Nano coating technology seems to be the future now. You have some cool stuff.


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