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Calling All Automotive Dealers

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  • Calling All Automotive Dealers

    If you are a dealer/dealership and would like to advertise a Camaro or other car for sale through us, send me an email at [email protected]

    It is in our best interest for you to get as many Camaro's sold and into the hands of drivers who have the potential to become a part of the v6 community. We can feature your Camaro or other vehicles for sale through a package of all of our mediums:
    • Posted for sale on our forum in this section
    • Posted on our Instagram page
    • Posted on our Instagram story for 24 hours
    • Posted on our Facebook page
    You provide us the posting / photos, we will post it on your behalf with your contact information.

    Cost is minimal - all payment must be done through paypal. Please only contact the above email for instructions.


    I am a dealer, why can't I just join the site and post my own vehicle for sale?
    A:If we find that you have made a post as a dealer for a vehicle on our site without going through us, we will lock and delete that post as the forum is reserved for Camaro owners / private sales unless an exception has been made by me the administrator. (see above). Secondly, posting on the forum alone does not give you access to reaching and making aware our v6 community through social media.

    Q: Can I only send you V6 Camaro vehicles for sale?
    A: While this is a V6 Community, many of us can be in the market for secondary vehicles while others may be looking to upgrade to v8 or other models of the v6. There are however 2 different price points for a Camaro being posted versus another vehicle. Please email me for additional information.

    2002 SOM Z28 Camaro - 12.9 @ 104 mph
    1996 3800 Camaro - 13.43 @ 100.77 mph

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