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  • BC Racing BR Series Coilover Spotlight

    Coiloverkits.com offers a wide range of coilover options for many makes and models but the BC Racing BR Series kit is one of our favorites for the 5th & 6th Gen Camaro's.

    BC Racing has multiple different series available for the 5th & 6th Generation Camaro's including BR Series (single adjustable linear valving), DS Series (single adjustable digressive valving), and ER Series (double adjustable linear valving), but today we'll cover their most popular line, the BR Series.

    The BC Racing BR Series is their flagship line of coilovers not because they're the most affordable, but because they offer tremendous value for the money. The BR Series is available for the 2010-2015 5th Generation Camaro as well as the 2016+ 6th Generation Camaro, all with the ability to be built with custom spring rates and valving (limited rear rates available).

    For the 2010-1015 5th Gen, BC Racing offers two BR Series kits to choose from, the Q-04-BR kit is listed for the 2010-1013 Camaro and the Q-10-BR kit is listed for the 2014-2015 Camaro, but they're spec'd the same with the exception of the front spring.

    The Q-10-BR Series kit uses a linear spring and linear spring adapter to mate with the OEM upper strut tower and the Q-04-BR Series kit uses a variable diameter spring that mates to the OEM upper strut tower.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Q_10_1.jpg Size:	280.9 KB ID:	1578306


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Q_4_BR.jpg Size:	245.9 KB ID:	1578307

    While they are listed for different years, they're the exact same kit with the exact same specs, and will work on ALL 2010-2015 model year Camaro's.

    For the 2016+ 6th Generation Camaro BC Racing was able to take full advantage of the McPherson front strut suspension and have include adjustable camber plate upper mounts on the Q-17-BR Series kit. The Q-17-BR Series kit uses a linear spring like the Q-10-BR kit so custom spring rates can be ran on the front and rear.

    You can check out the kits mentioned by clicking on the links below.

    2010-2013 (fits 2010-2015) Camaro Q-04-BR Series Kit

    2014-2015 (fits 2010-2015) Camaro Q-10-BR Seires Kit

    2016-Current Q-17-BR Series Kit

    If you have any questions about these kits or others that you see on Coiloverkits.com please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll be glad to assist. Thanks!
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    Tim Griffith

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