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    RULES!!!! Stated here.......

    1. ALL sellers will post a price of the product or service in which they are selling, unless you have a link to an auction, in which the auction should have the current asking price. If it doesn't, then please post the asking price. The only exception I will allow is whole car, engine, or drivetrain partouts, in which I will allow the sellers to post without listing a bunch of prices, but this will be the ONLY exception.

    2. NO NEGATIVE POSTS ALLOWED!!! This would mean that if the part looks like crap, or their asking price is too high, or things of that nature, keep your piehole shut.

    3. All questions regarding a part should be about that part ONLY. Again, do not go in there telling someone that their prices are too steep, or something else that is irrelevant to the product for sale.

    4. NO TROLLING!!!! This rule encompasses the last two rules; anyone and everyone that doesn't keep to the topic at hand, and also includes anyone who thinks that they want to be a moderator in here. I read every post in here, several times a day. I will delete anything that looks derogatory or demeaning to the seller or their products. There are only three people that have ANY say in this forum, Steve, Robert, and me. I needn't any help other than that. If you are not the moderator of this for sale forum, which from the looks of it, you AREN'T, then let ME moderate it. If anyone has any problems with anyone or anything in here, EMAIL ME!!! It is not up to you to pass judgement or remind people of the rules in here, thats my job.

    5. You are allowed 1 bump every 7 days after the last post of your thread, and for only a total of 3 bumps allowed. If you bump before 7 days of the last post in your thread, you cannot bump again until 14 days of that last bump you did. If you bump within that 14 days, after I have warned you about it, your post gets deleted, no questions asked. SUPPORTING MEMBERS....If you are a supporting member, you are allowed 1 bump every 24 hour period, starting from the last post of your thread. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    6. No duplicate posts. If no one was interested at the time for the products you are selling, YOU ARE NOT TO REPOST ABOUT THEM WITHIN 2 MONTHS!!! And BTW, you could also check my other forum, the WANTED section.

    7. This forum is for private individuals only, no companies allowed. If you are a company and wish to sell your products or services to the members of, then I suggest you email the administrators. I will delete ON SITE any companies posts made within this forum, no questions asked. The admins can help with sponsorship opportunities better than I can, so feel free to email them.

    8. This forum is intended for members to sell things to other members. Random ebay posts, as helpful as they may be at times, are not allowed. This is due to the poster not being able to answer questions about a part, tell a buyer a price, anything of that sort. This includes any plugs for a company, random eBay and Craiglist threads that are for things not being sold by members, etc.

    9. Last but not least, here is the fine print. The administrators and moderators cannot and will not be held responsible for any posts made within this forum. We are not responsible for any statements made, sales gone bad, money stolen, part failure, or anything for that matter. YOU SELL AND BUY PRODUCTS IN HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

    To Buyers...
    Make sure your email address in your profile is up to date. There are many people here that have emails that they no longer use, or have multiple email addresses. If the email in your profile is not the one most used frequently, post the email in which you want to be contacted by the seller (but you should probably update it in your profile anyway).

    Make sure you are absolutely sure you know what you are buying before you send any money. A simple misunderstanding by either party can cost you lots of money, and parts or products that you have no use for.

    To Sellers...
    As stated above, make sure you have a valid and frequented email address that your buyers can use to get in contact with you.

    Again, as stated above, there can be misunderstandings when selling a part or product. Make sure you describe them to the best detail as possible. And I cannot express this enough, POST YOUR ASKING PRICES!!! I will take action to those who do not put an asking price down. First I will email you, and if there are no changes within a certain period of time, then I will delete it.

    If it is an Ebay auction , make sure the links work to the auction. Also describe the part or product within the post, don't rely on just the description within your Ebay auction to sell your part of product. If you wish to not have a description, at the very least, you must have a price listed!!!

    I also suggest telling buyers if you ship, how you will ship it, and what zip code it is being shipped from. You may also want to tell everyone how you can accept payment.

    With that said, I want to remind anyone who is even thinking about trolling best leave now. I will not tolerate trolling in this forum by any means!!!!

    If anyone has any more suggestions for future sellers and buyers, or if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to email me with them, [email protected]


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