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Nitrous Oxide system for N/A 3800

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  • Nitrous Oxide system for N/A 3800

    Nitrous oxide injection system built for a 300-hp normally-aspiarated 3800 Series II. Installed and tuned as-is, it's good for a 75 or 85 shot. It can be jetted for more. This system was once used on the "Tom Henry RS" project vehicle which, at one time, was in Popular Hot Rodding, Camaro Performers, Pontiac Enthusiast and on the Camaro Homepage web site. The "THRS" project is also being posted here on the CFV6 site one part at a time and there are six parts.

    This system includes, two 20-lb nitrous bottles, nitrous hose from the rear cargo well to the engine and from the solenoids to the nozzle, two solenoids, vacuum/pressure hoses, bypass jet assembly, 3800 throttle body assembly with nitrous nozzle installed, two "WOT Boxes" (needed to trigger nitrous with the 3800's ETC), fuel pressure switch and a bottle mount which fits the rear cargo well of a Gen 3 or 4 Camaro or Firebird. Installation instructions are also included.

    This is a "dry system" with no extra fuel delivered at the nitrous nozzle. This dry system delivers extra fuel by applying pressure to the fuel pressure regulator and increasing fuel flow through the fuel injectors.

    All parts of this nitrous system are used.

    All the nitrous hardware was made by Nitrous Supply in Hunington Beach CA.

    This system on a 300-hp N/A 3800 was good for 85-hp. On nitrous, the car made 316.3 hp at the wheels at 5775-rpm and 325.8 abs/ft at the wheels at 3630-rpm, SAE-corrected. Those numbers work out to 385-hp and 401 lbs/ft torque, SAE at the flywheel.

    A fuel pump may capable of higher flow will likely be required with the installation of this nitrous system. It is up to the buyer to decide if a different pump is needed and install it if necessary.

    Priced at $300.00 plus shipping, insurance and any PayPal fees.

    Email me at if you want more information or more imagery.
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    Looks like a nice setup,good luck with the sale,theres all kind of accesories you can add on also to that kit. I have bought 2 nitrous kits before a dry and a wet both turned out great, and also bunch of saftey stuff too, this kit looks great.Remember safety first, if i wasn't going turbo i would snag this kit.
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      Price cut by 100 bucks.


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        pm sent.


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          PM received.


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            Another $100 price cut.


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              Can't believe there's no love for this 3800 nitrous system at 400 bucks.


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      , I dropped the price to 300.


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