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Requesting 4 cylinder Engine Specs

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  • Requesting 4 cylinder Engine Specs

    I would like to be able to sticky a 4 cylinder engine technical Specs document in this section similar to the way this is setup:

    Looking for all the technical data on the 6th gen 4 cylinder motors broken down by years of the 6th gen (so 2016/2017 at the time of this post) such as:
    • Engine Type
    • Engine Configuration
    • Engine Displacement
    • Engine Block Material (i.e, aluminum, cast iron)
    • Bore
    • Stroke
    • Compression Ratio
    • Firing Order
    • Fuel Octane Requirement
    • Fuel System Type
    • Fuel pressure key on
    • Fuel pressure running
    • Injector size
    • Cylinder head material (i.e aluminum, cast iron)
    • Combustion chamber size
    • Intake Valve size
    • Exhaust Valve Size
    • Exhaust manifold material (i.e stainless, cast,)
    • Throttle body size
    • Thermostat temp
    • Oil requirement (i.e, 5w30, 10w30, 15w40, etc)
    • Oil pressure
    • Flywheel Hp
    • Flywheel Tq

    FirebirdGT created the one for the old 4th Gens and I can't tell you how useful this document was for me and so many others from being bone stock to hardcore mods...knowing about the key components that make the engine up like the above makes for an amazing source for key reference.

    If someone even starts helping pull the info together (let me know which year your info applies to, I'll pull it into a chart if needed.

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